Facetime is facing serious bug in 2k19



While the update does not have any new features, it claims to have patched up major bugs affecting its products. Among them are slight software glitches affecting Messages and the CarPlay function. But the update also revealed a shocking lapse in the FaceTime video calling software – that could have allowed hackers to access it.

Facetime was Hacked Previously?

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Apple’s Support website breaks down all the security updates included in iOS 12.1.3. It reads: “A remote attacker may be able to initiate a FaceTime call using arbitrary code execution.”

The site goes on to state that this has been fixed by addressing a “buffer overflow issue.” Apple said the FaceTime bug impacted the iPhone 5S and later, iPad Air and later, as well as the 6th generation iPod Touch. news has confirmed that facetime pc is secure now.

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Facetime BUG Exposed

The bug would have allowed attackers to execute malicious code – but it has since been fixed, according to Apple boffins.

America’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center advised Apple users to update their devices to avoid “vulnerabilities in multiple products.”

Another welcome feature of the update is a patch to fix a frustrating error in the Messages app. The iOS 12.1.3 update’s notes say that it “fixes an issue in Messages that could impact scrolling through photos in the Details view”.

Some photos shared between users did not appear in the “details” section of a person’s contact details.

How to Fix Facetime Hack

But now the update claims to have fixed this. If you use an iPhone or iPad, you’ll definitely want to grab Apple’s latest software update as soon as possible, if you haven’t already.

Released Tuesday, iOS 12.1.3 doesn’t deliver any new features but fixes a number of bugs and security vulnerabilities, including a scary FaceTime flaw.

According to Apple’s release notes about the security fixes, the FaceTime vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to “initiate a FaceTime call using arbitrary code execution.

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